Building a Box? Flock the inside for a soft touch!

Flocking adds a nice soft touch to the inside of any box. It looks great and will provide a bit of protection for the contents as well.

Traditionally used inside ‘finer’ boxes, I personally like the look it can lend to a more rustic project.

The process is simple.

Work in a clean, well vented area. Brush the colored glue onto the area you want to flock, then use the applicator to blow the fibres onto the glue. When dry, 24 hours is good, dump out the fibres that didn’t stick and save them for your next box or project,

Before you start…. Make sure any joints are tight, as the glue and flock will not cover up a bad seam!

Want an even more interesting look? Try masking out a logo, trim or detail area and once dry peel off the tape – the surface below will show through!


Flock, adhesive and fibres are available at

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